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Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Twenty One Pilots

For lovers and fans alike of Twenty One pilots, there is a chance to meet up musically with the duo. We are of course talking about their concert coming up in the month of May. No need to ponder on where the concert is taking place, as all details will be dropped in this article.

The concert will be held in Manchester on the third of May, 2019. Yes, Twenty One Pilots will be performing live on multiple dates and in multiple venues across England, including the Manchester Arena, United Kingdom. Twenty One Pilots are making waves globally and we are all here for them.

Nobody should be left in the dark asking if the group consists of 21 people based on their name. This article entails interesting and fascinating facts about the group.

Who Are They?

Firstly, they do not comprise of 21 people, and no, they are not pilots. Twenty One Pilots are an American musical duo, from Columbus, Ohio to be specific. Did you know that they were initially three guys in the group? We bet you did not.

Well, the group comprised of three guys. They were;

  • Tyler Joseph: The lead vocalist
  • Nick Thomas
  • Chris Salih

Sadly, Nick Thomas and Chris Salih left the group to be replaced by a skilled drummer, Josh Dun. There you have it; Twenty One pilots currently comprise of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.

Why The Name; Twenty One Pilots?

The band name was formed by the lead vocalist: Tyler Joseph. It was gotten through the inspiration of a play Tyler had seen, titled; All My Sons. The play centered on a businessman saddled with the issue of taking care of his family.

With no means of making an honest living, he took the dishonest route. This dishonest living had to do with selling out plane parts that were bad to pilots fighting in the World War 2.

However, these bad plane parts led to the death of roughly Twenty One Pilots. The morality issue the businessman was plagued with served as a tremendous inspiration to Tyler.

With that, he fused it into the name of the band.

Fan Name

Do you know the name Twenty One Pilots fans call themselves and why? You are in for a shocker. Like every celebrity fandom and the names they tag themselves, fans of Twenty One Pilots also have a name too.

They have been dubbed “The Skeleton Clique.” This was gotten from their logo. It has two lines that are long and are overlapped by diverse shorter lines. On top of the left line is a head looking like that of an alien.

And on top of the right line is a head shaped like a skull. However, some fans do shorten the name from the skeleton clique to just “The Clique.”

Genre Of Music

Twenty One pilots make songs for everyone. It does not matter if you are a lover of blues, slow songs that pass across a message, rap, fast songs that makes one dance or laugh hard.

They make use of diverse styles and sounds. This has spanned across all their albums, and so, there is no use boxing them into one genre. However, a majority of their fans have successfully boxed them into schizoid pop.

What Does Their Music Say?

Music they say is made to pass across a message or to change society. For Twenty One Pilots, their fans have said they pass across not just any message, but a message of hope. This is evident in their songs.

Their songs actually navigate in the line of their beliefs and faith. They have both attested to the fact that their music is done to make individuals think and have it in mind that they are never alone.

This alone has touched the hearts of their fans who have gone ahead to share stories of how the music they produced, has helped them in moments of difficulties. While the duo enjoys goofing off, they do not joke with their music and its contents.

Did you know that they are both Christians? Well, they are. Though they do not believe in forcing their religion down a person’s throat, they would rather live by example. This goes to show that their faith acts as a vital role in their music.

Musical Journey

They started out as a self-releasing band but ultimately caught the attention of some of the top record labels around. They were able to grab lots of attention due to their sold-out performance.

This performance was done at the Columbus, Newport music hall back in the year 2011, November. They went on to produce a self-titled launch album. It was the only album that featured Nick Thomas (the bassist) and Chris Salih (the drummer).

The album got a spot at number 139 on U.S billboard’s top 200. Every other song was written by Tyler Joseph. They sojourned to become the third rock act to have not just one but two singles concurrently chart in Billboard’s top 100, a feat accomplished first by Elvis Presley and then the Beatles.

They even got the opportunity to record the soundtrack for the movie Suicide Squad. This was their song titled “Heathens.” It is their most prominent single.

This alone made the group to be the first alternative artists to have two top ten singles in the United States simultaneously.

Did you know they once collaborated with Mutemath: an alternative rock band? It was done for a five-song EP. The EP was actually uploaded for free on the band’s website. Amazingly, it was uploaded on YouTube too.

It would please the fans and readers to know that, the first album of the band was debuted under a Columbus based label “Fueled by Ramen.”  Don’t we all just love this duo?

For those that are unaware, Twenty One Pilots have gone on to tour with diverse big names in the musical industry. They include; Neon Trees and even Walk the Moon. “Shut up and dance” should be a Fan favorite from Walk The Moon.

The duo has even done an opening for the popular Fall Out Boy.

In Closing

Twenty One Pilots took the world by storm due to the release of their LP Blurryface back in 2015. This album went on to sell way over seven million copies universally. It earned the group their first Grammy Award.

They also disrupted outstanding chart records and grabbed the attention of their audience around the world. Since then, they have continuously gained fans across the globe.

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