Sunday League Roundup: Stampy updates us on the Hashtag Sunday League so far!

Welcome back to the site guys!

We’ve got something new for you today, something that we haven’t done before.

A Sunday League roundup!

As well as Devs’ lads, the Sunday League boys have been hard at work, although we haven’t documented their progress quite as much as we have with the first-team.

Not for much longer.

Stampy is here to give us the lowdown on how the Sunday League guys have started their campaign, so let’s take a read of the main man’s words…

“We have been participating in the Senior League of our county so far this season, the highest level possible.

“Three games have been played so far, and we’ve won all three of them! As well as that, we have only conceded one goal.

“The games this season have been a lot more physical than last years’ league campaign, in which we came out as champions. Teams and players seem to be a lot more physical, challenges have been flying in and there are more intense battles for the ball than last season.

“The desire to win is a lot more noticeable, but we’ve held our own.

“We’ve also added a few new faces into the mix. Aaron Couch has come in from the 1st team, and new signing George Irving (who was recommended by current Sunday League player Dave Hopwood) has taken no time at all slotting into the side – he has already bagged himself four goals, all of which have been in his last two appearances.

“We also have Season 2 Hashtag Academy boys Luis Berkane, Fehinti Falola and Sean Alexander strengthening our squad depth, as well as Samraj Gill (who also plays first-team football) amongst our ranks.

“Although it’s only three games in, things have gotten off to the start we wanted. We currently sit 1st in the table, with the best goal difference, and we’re also the ONLY team so far that hasn’t lost a game.

“Still a long season ahead, but we’ve given ourselves the best chance of becoming back-to-back champions with the way we’ve kicked off our season.”


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