Sissoko teases Winks on Instagram by revealing his struggle in off-field challenge

We’d stick to football if we were you, Harry Winks.

Tottenham players have taken a temporary break from their pre-season duties in Shanghai to take on everybody’s favourite Christmas game, Pictionary.

For competent drawers, the objective is simple enough: draw whichever item is allocated to you well enough for friends and family to guess what it is.

However, if you’re not gifted in the art of pencil craft, like our friend Winks, then it is a challenging but somewhat hilarious affair, as Moussa Sissoko can attest to.

Winks and his trusty assistant take on his toughest opponent yet, the flipchart, watched by crowd of anxious fans, his challenger, and Sissoko.

A pair of ‘Football boots’ are his first assignment. Easy enough for a professional player you’d have thought. So, how will he do?

Ah. It would seem wearing boots every day of his life didn’t help Winks when he set about constructing what can only be described as a dangerous weapon equipped with razor sharp knives as studs.

It’s a two out of ten effort from us.

30 points for guessing what he was attempting here (it’s not a smiling tennis racket).

A whistle, apparently.

Let’s hope the players efforts on the pitch are a little more effective when they face top four rivals Manchester United on July 25th for the first fixture of the International Champions Cup.

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